About Calmer Camping Hire

Calmer Camping Hire came about after Michael and Julie Clode were receiving enquiries at their other business, Armadale 4WD Service Centre, with regards to hiring of camping equipment.

They thought it would be good if clients that had bought their 4WD with the idea of getting away, (only to find that all the other gear they required to make their trip comfortable was going to cost them as much as their 4WD and that for the better part of the year it would sit around in the shed, and that’s if they have room in the shed!) could hire all the equipment that they would need.

As they had already had a long association with Track Trailer, it was an obvious choice to go with this manufacturer and their products. They are reliable, easy to use and very functional.

It was then thought that people may need other equipment such as fridges, generators and porta loos, so these were added to the range along with anything that people may ask for, it will be an ongoing exercise to keep the range growing.